ROM – A Brave New World

I have tried a number of saves in the later versions of the game and yet I find myself drawn back to the “Safe” world of FM14. There is something I like about the game that has stayed with me over the next two incarnations. Perhaps it is the custom graphics I have created for the stadiums? That being said I was getting slightly bored with options available by default so this time I have decided to try something new.

Early on I started blogging about a save where I enabled a lot of leagues in Eastern Europe which included Moldova. I decided that I wanted to go back there. Sadly I couldn’t fix the issues with the database and that got me thinking. Why not make my own league? After a week of editing I have arrived at a world that I am 90% happy with. The only thing missing is rivalries between teams. I didn’t have enough data to formulate these properly and in the end I opted to create these as I went along in the story.

The World

Of course it would be silly to start in a vacuum. I have picked some nations around Moldova and enabled the top divisions in those countries.


The thinking behind the selection is Ukraine and Romania are the two most likely contributors to the story, while the other countries add a little colour. One thing I have decided is that there will be none of the traditional big boys involved. Instead we have an intimate environment with about 33,000 players. The other decision is that there will be no adding of leagues. So what you see is what you get.

The Actors

Once again I have gone with totally fake players and coaches. Only the country and the team names will be real. Everything else is made up! We will be focusing on the results of all divisions in Moldova, the national team, and maybe star players overseas. I have advanced the game three seasons and we will pick up the story on June 1st, 2016.

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