G.J. Challenge

The Golden Journeyman Challenge

The Golden Journeyman Challenge (GJ Challenge) is a way of playing Football Manager first put forward by GoldenFM on his youtube channel. Basically it is a way of scoring your lower league achievements throughout the save. For more information see the explanation of the challenge on GoldenFM’s channel.

In essence you score points for different places and teams managed, and points for unique titles and trophies. Your final score is a multiplier of both scores so you actually have to win something otherwise your final score will be zero.

I have added a category for Manager of the Year awards, as I feel that winning a manager of the year award should be counted as an achievement.

The GJ Challenge Score
 Clubs Managed  8 Clubs
 Nations Managed In 8 Nations
 Continents Managed In  4 Confederations
 International Teams Managed  1
Journeyman Score  21
 Unique League Promotions Gained  3 Promotions
 Unique League Titles Won  7 Titles
 Unique Manager of the Year  6 ManagerOfYear
 Unique Domestic Cups Won  7 DomesticCups
 Unique Continental Cups Won  6 ContinentalCups
 Unique International Cups Won  0
Achievements Score  29
Challenge Score (JS x AS)  609
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