216: Pro Vercelli Hire BadDragon

30 June 2030
Vercelli, Italy

Former Liverpool manager Mr BadDragon has surprised many by accepting the managers job at struggling Pro Vercelli. Coming as it does following his isdes disappointing Champions League exit, many believe that life in the top flight was above the ability of BadDragon.

~Perky Nana, FM Sky Sports England

Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Following my five years in charge of Liverpool, it was time for a new challenge. The vacency at Pro Vercelli was too good to pass up. This club has a great history and it falls on my shoulders to bring them back to greatness!

As you can see, Pro Vercelli have won the Serie A seven times back in the 1920’s. Since then they have fallen on hard times, dropping down into the third tier. They had financial issues and almost went out of existance. They currently are in the second tier, although only just avoiding relegation last season.

Rebuilding the dream

The first step on the journey is to stabalize the club and secure their position in Serie B. From there we can look to challenge for promotion. It won’t be a quick process, as there is a lot to do. I will be back next month with the transfer window updates and team news.


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