212: Liverpool into the final

12 May 2030
Liverpool, England

Liverpool Manager Mr BadDragon has guided his charges into back to back Champions League finals following the heavy defeat his side inflicted on Chelsea over two legs. The 8-2 margin is bound to make people sit up and pay attention.

~Chatty Jen, Korean FM Sports News

One game to go in my Liverpool career. It is official that I will be moving on at the end of the season, so it is up to me to go out on a high,

Blow by Blow

Champions League – Semi Final – Leg 1


Chelsea have been locked in a titanic struggle with us all season. We meet them again in the semi-final. Last time they slaughtered us. This time??? lets see!


We have come in with what I consider to be our best side. “Ni Cole” is out of the reckoning due to his temper tantrums.


This time we had the hammer and battered them black and blue!  I know we gave away eight goals at home last time, however we are a much better side now.


Champions League Results


Anderlecht got the away goal. It would be nice to meet them in the final.


Premier League – Match 36/38


This could be game number 50 undefeated – as long as we win.


A rotated side to keep the first team fresh for the return leg in the semi-final.


A disappointing draw, but still 50 games undefeated in the League. First team players all rested. I’m ok with that.


Champions League – Semi Final – Leg 2


The return match sees us face off against the old foe. The one difference is we have a four goal cushion and a more seasoned squad.


We send out our best squad with the intention of securing a spot in the final.


We didn’t quite equal the 9-2 drubbing at Chelsea’s hand however handing them an 8-2 drubbing was close enough!


Champions League Results


We did what we needed to do as did Anderlecht. I get to meet them in the final.


Injury Update


Annoyingly “Stipe” is out for the remainder of the season. “Mortier” has been called up as cover for the first team.

Premier League – Match 37/38


Tottenham are up next. We have two fairly meaningless matches in which our objective is to avoid injuries.


I have made a full rotation of the squad. I would settle for another draw.


We got a good result, although we look to have lost “Mo” for the rest of the season.


Injury Update


“Mo” is out for three months. A pity. Still not the end of the world.

Premier League – Match 38/38


The last league game of the season and my Liverpool career. Lets finish my time on a high.


The last game of the season and we send out our first team. “Hero” has been in good form and has earned a chance at a start in the final.


“Hero” put in a good performance and may have just secured the start in the Champions League final.


We ended the season with a win and a clean sheet. I have one game in charge of the club.

Results Summary


We finished the league season unbeaten and through to the Champions League final.

League Table


Another good season for us. Not quite as dominant, but top dog none the less.

Next Episode


The Champions League Final pits the old against the new. Tune in next time to see it unfold.

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