207: Premier League heats up

9 February 2030
Liverpool, England

Chelsea handed Mr BadDragon’s Liverpool side a lifeline as they went down to a surprisingly dominant Norwich City 4-0. The Reds continued to look impressive with another four wins, keeping their dream of an undefeated season alive.

~Arnie Voss, FM Sport Digital

What did I say last episode. If we keep the pressure on then Chelsea will start to feel it and the door may open. Chelsea are still on top, however we have the game in hand and a win in this game will see us a point clear. We are into the final third now and I can see the finish line ahead.

Blow by Blow

F.A. Cup 5th Round Draw


The fifth round will be a battle of the birds as we draw Norwich.

Premier League – Match 22/38


Hull City are firmly in the relegation zone. Its a match that we should be winning.


We field a strong side with young “Kevster” having a chance to impress again.


A very good win for the lads. “Halo” turned in a good performance which is pleasing.


Team News


We lock down “Sindy” for an additional four years. “Sindy” has become the number one right back as “Ferran” has started to deteriorate.

Premier League – Match 23/38


Next opponents Watford are sitting in 7th place. Watford have been one of those teams who delight in causing us grief.


“Hero” and Diago” get a chance to impress today. They have lined up in a 4-4-2.


We played well and got the result we needed. Chelsea slipped up and managed to go down to Norwich 4-0 which puts us in the driving seat. We play Norwich next so need to be on our toes.


Premier League – Match 24/38


Norwich is one of our in hand games, so we need to win this one to consolidate the lead.


We field a very strong side. “Hero” is having a break and “Mo” gets a start. We have been handed a real break by Chelsea. I intend to not hand it back.


We did what we needed to do. If we win our final game in hand we will be on top.


Premier League – Match 25/38


Newcastle United are up next. Newcastle have been impressing this season and are sitting on the edge of European competition qualification.


“Goose” swaps in for “Tan” who is looking a little fatigued.


We had to battle hard for the victory, but we got the result in the end.


Results Summary


Four games, four wins. The mission is simple. Beat whoever we face.

League Table


We are within striking distance of the top spot.

Next Episode


Three more league games and the F.A.Cup fifth round match

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