202: Liverpool qualify top again

8 December 2029
Liverpool, England

The Liverpool players handed Mr BadDragon an unexpected early birthday present as they slaughtered a hapless Dortmund side to finish top of Group B.  The Liverpool side went on a rampage of destruction which was frightening in both efficiency and effect.

The win sees the Reds qualify top of their group and the manner of their progression mus send a huge warning to the other teams in the competition.

~Zanee White, TVA FM Sports

What can I say. We kicked some Dortmund arse! The result sees us out of the group stage and looking mean! Sadly our league form has been below par and while we are undefeated, we trail Chelsea by more than a game.

Blow by Blow

Champions League – Group B – Match 5/6


After our defeat at home at the hands of Dortmund we are faced with a difficult away match. It is not made easier by the absence of “Mookee” and “Tan”.


I have entrusted the lead striker role to “Naert” with support of “Oos” and “Slalom”. “Goose” comes into the midfield to take “Tan”‘s place.


This was perhaps one of the more surprising results I have seen. The first half was a tight affair and ended 1-1. We banged in six unanswered goals in the second to romp away with the match.


Champions League Results


Manchester United were defeated in comprehensive fashion by Lazio.


The Dundalk bashing of  Lokomotiv Moskou and Avelino defeat of Porto were two standout results.

Injury Update


“Lazar” broke his wrist and will be another one of my key players to miss the Club World Cup.

Premier League – Match 13/38


We back up against Crystal Palace in the League knowing that we have to keep the good run of form going.


Three changes from the side which destroyed Dortmund as “Diogo”, “Ingvar” and “Cano” get starts.


Once again we found the scoring boots and were comfortably 4-0 up at half time. I’m not doing much differently so it appears the side has remembered how to play.


Team News


It finally happened. Liverpool has a new owner.


New Facilities work undertaken plus more funds available.


Wow. and additional 62 million available in transfer money.

Injury Update


Another frustrating injury at a key time. “Panic” has been called up to the first team squad as cover.

Champions League – Group B – Match 6/6


A win in the final group match will see us finish top of the group.


I have decided to fight narrow with narrow and rely on us having the better players. This means that “Slalom” is limited to the bench due to him being unable to play down the middle.


The changes forced upon us by injuries and the narrow formation saw us struggle for goals. However the result was never in doubt as we controlled the game from start to finish.


Champions League Results


We did what we had to do to finish top of our group once again. Dundalk go into the Europa League knockout which is a great result for them.

Premier League – Match 14/38


We are forced to back up against Wigan Athletic on only one days rest. Luckily we are at home again so no travelling was needed.


The absence of “Tan” is starting to bite. This is by far our weakest lineup we have fielded for a while.


The injury situation has probably doomed us to second place in the League as we dropped points again. This was a frustrating game and we just couldn’t get the shots on target.


Results Summary


The last match was a bummer and I get the feeling we are headed for a second place finish again.

League Table


Chelsea are doing enough to distance themselves from us and we will have to work hard to catch them

Champions League – Group B


To top the group after the poor start we made is very pleasing.

Next Episode

Next Episode will be a FIFA Club World Cup Special.

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