196: Season number five

8 August 2029
Liverpool, England

Mr BadDragon is now firmly in the cross-hairs. Is he a one season wonder, or does he have what it takes to excel long term? This year will be the make or break season for him and his Liverpool side as the seek to defend their titles.

Looking at BadDragon’s resume, it appears that he goes so far only to get bored and seek a different challenge. Will this be proven to be true once more?

~Toxic Bob, Belarus FM Sport 1

We had a fine series of results last season and this season will have to be special indeed to top it. I have a good shot at the club world cup and funnily enough that is my top priority. Second target is to bag the UEFA Super Cup. Third in order is to repeat as League Champions and secure the F.A. Cup. The other events will have to take care of themselves.

Despite my current deal having four years left on it, and the desire to build something with Liverpool, I am starting to get restless. There are so many teams that I want to manage. Places to go. Things to see and do. I will be making a decision at the end of the season as to which way I jump.

Blow by Blow

Transfers In


This young lad has bags of potential. Lets see if he can deliver on this.


My scouts like this youngster. He has good wheels and the ability to play all the way down the left flank.


“Cano” is another youngster who has promise.


This guy is a real long shot. Still the price was right…

Transfers Out


“Dari” was performing adequately, however he was only a stop gap measure. With “Sindy” and “Krejci” coming on leaps and bounds it was time to give them a chance to lock down a first team spot.


“Volkan” didn’t really have a home in the side and struggled to get game time. His natural position was in the midfield, however he was competing with “Tan” and “Goose”. He was making noises about wanting more playing time which I couldn’t guarantee, so out the door he went.


“Krejci” was number three right back, however the offer was too good to turn down. “Sindy” is the player who will be our future moving forward. Two days later and I conclude this may have been an error.

Player Loans


“Selbs” was rated third in the golden glove for Manchester United this season. I have sent him back for another year.


“Skywalker is out on loan for another year. I toyed with having him rotate with “The Greek”, but decided he needed another full season as number one somewhere.

Team News


We improve our youth category rating which should assist with a steady supply of good recruits.


Debt free to boot. Always a good sign.



We were lacking the killer edge today and paid the price. Still it wasn’t a defeat.


Once again we were disappointing against a side we should be battering. My assistant has been controlling things and I may need to step in and take command.


We had 38 shots with 21 on target and 13 clear cut chances. We could easily have hit double figures but didn’t.


We put in a solid shift and got a good result.


Not a convincing win. I am not too worried though as I believe we still have the quality.


This was a better result as we found our goal scoring boots for the first time.


Our final hit out saw us find the net six times. We are ready!

Injury Updates


“Halo” has had his preseason disrupted with a back strain. He should be close to back for the Schalke game.

Results Summary


A mixed bag. Undefeated without being spectacular.

Next Episode


Back into the grind we have Chelsea in the Community Shield and the opening three games of the new season.

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