179: 2028/29 Champions?

31 July 2028
Liverpool, England

Following on from a good season last time out, Mr BadDragon has been challenged to bring home the title. To do so he will have to break the Manchester United/Chelsea stranglehold on the competition.

~Simply Red, FM Sport Digital

Preparations are complete. I have a good feeling about where the squad is at and maybe this could be our year.

Blow by Blow

Club News


Stadium expansion and youth facilities being improved. Good oh.


Contract Extensions


“Skywalker” my planned replacement for “The Greek”. He is developing really well and I have decided to lock him down to a five year deal.


Another developing player who will be competing for a place in the starting line-up.

Loan Extensions


“Sindy” is another who is developing really well. Still about 2 years away from the first team he should be slotting into the number two position in 2029/30 and starting the season after that.


“Skywalker” will remain out on loan for the next 2-3 seasons, before coming in and challenging “The Greek” for the starting spot.


It’s good to lock this lad up for five years. Comfortably number two striker for the side.

New Signings


Defensive Midfield is a place where we are short depth. Meet “Fo Fo” who is no monkey!


“El Hern” is another defensive midfielder to provide some options.


“Zujo” is a talented young winger, and left wing is a place where we are light.


“Zirngast” is a journeyman left back who is in the squad to make up the numbers in the youth sides. I doubt he will play any games for the first team.


Every team need it’s 6’5″ Russian/Polish center back. Mine is called “F-Dot”!

Staff Signings

I have placed my Director of Football in charge of the staffing of the club.


First man in is this ageing hippy as goalkeeping coach. “Stoner” looks to be reasonably competent.


This chap comes to us with a wealth of knowledge. Check out his knowledge graph.



Another former Chief Scout comes to join us.


This chap looks like an American Indian.

Player Departures


“J-Lal” has been playing OK. However he has the ability to miss chances in front of an open goal, and that counts against him. I have better youngsters whow will fill his boots.


“Brunet” was signed last year as a stop-gap measure when we were running with two strikers. I have some youngsters coming through who are looking better and so its time to move him on for a tidy profit.

Job Offers


Not my idea of a good time… I politely said no thanks.


Next up is A.C.Milan for the second time. Very tempting and I may look at them later on. No for now.


Another tempting offer. Close but no cigar.

Preseason Results


A good first hit out. We were 2-0 up at the half, however the game lost shape as I emptied the bench.


“Naert” was too much to handle for the Rhinos as we strolled to a comfortable win.


Another top performance from “Naert” who is attracting some serious offers from Barcelona and Bayern.


Another fine performance by the lads. We have five first team players still to return after some rest so things are going well.


Four player on hat-tricks – none could convert.


Penultimate pre-season game and another goal-fest.


Final hit out sees us bang in 10 goals, with “Hardy” bagging four goals.

Season Expectations

Challenging for the title. A little daunting, but doable? Time will tell.

Results Summary


Admitedly the opposition quality has not been the best. Still you can only play what is in front of you and we did a good job of doing this

Next Episode


A good start to the season. Manchester United in the Community Shield followed by Watford, West Brom, and finally Swansea.

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