170: Liverpool into the Final

26 January 2028
Liverpool, England

Mr BadDragon has guided Liverpool to the Capital One Cup Final where they will face Reading. The in-form Reading side pulled off a surprise upset against Arsenal to take their place in the final.

Mr BadDragon will be relieved to be facing Reading due to his apparent inability to beat Arsenal in any Cup competition.

~Toothy Gabe, FOX FM Sports Africa

It is not true that I am scared to face Arsenal in cups competitions. I am not scared. I am terrified! They have knocked us out of the F.A. Cup and Capital One Cup a total of four times. That four times in four meetings! Not this year!!!!

Blow by Blow

Premier League – Match 23/38


Watford away is our next match. These boys have been really hard to get positive results against.


Slight rotation with “Tan” having a game off to freshen up. “Naert” moves up top as “Hero” takes a breather.


Once again they were a tough nut to crack. The tactical set-up does have potential, although it also has flaws.  The big bugbear is too many long shots.


Capital One Cup – Semi Final – Leg 2


The second leg of the semi-final sees us come into the game with a three goal lead. Can we secure a place in the final?


Another rotation to keep players fresh. I have also adjusted some roles in an attempt to get attacks building from deep.


In the battle of the birds, the Liverpool avian reigns supreme following a commanding performance.  Hat-tricks to “Hero” and “J-Lal” saw Liverpool coast to a 10-2 aggregate victory.


Team News


“Vince” gets a nice new deal. He is going to be in the squad for a few more seasons, so it made sense.

F.A. Cup – 4th Round


This game should really be a mismatch. The F.A.Cup has ways of producing games that provide surprises, so this is not a forgone conclusion.


We feature a mostly second string side but one which should be good enough to get the job done.


Well we battered them possession wise, however we lacked the ability to convert our chances. Still we got the win which is all that matters.


F.A. Cup Sixth Round Draw


Well as far as opponents go, Scunthorpe isn’t too bad.

Premier League – Match 24/38


Next up we have Newcastle United away at St. James Park. Newcastle are part of the chasing pack and currently sit in 7th place.


We bring out the big guns for this match, with close to our top side on the park.


Well we did what we needed to do and bagged a win, which keeps us in second place.


Capital One Cup Final Draw


Reading beat Arsenal which means we can’t be knocked out by the Gunners this season.

Results Summary


Four wins across all competitions see us into one final, and progressing well in the F.A.Cup

League Table


The losses to Arsenal and  Manchester City have cost us any hope of the title. We are playing for second place now.

Next Episode


We have a trial run for the Capital One final, plus the F.A.Cup tie against Scunthorpe.

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