2026/27 – End of season review

30 May 2027
Liverpool, England

Well this has been a on the whole a good year. It has been one of rebuilding as I continue to get the team into a good place. On the competition front, it was yet another season of almost. Finishing second in the league, and reaching quarter finals of the Champions League was really satisfying, although it was heartbreaking at the time.

Next season the goal has to be to win something. I am not fussy. I will take the Capital One cup if that is all I get.

Premier League


The last two matches took some of the gloss of the season. Still second place is nothing to sneeze at.

Champions League


A pleasing campaign, although the loss to Barcelona was disappointing in how it happened.

Capital One Cup


Bloody Arsenal! They are starting to piss me off.

F.A. Cup


Bloody Arsenal – Again!!!! Now I am really mad!

Team Report


Most of the pieces are now in place and while we have a few holes in the squad, I am much happier with where the team is at, especially considering the squad I inherited upon taking the reigns at this club. Our average age is now 23.5, although the average age of the key players is more like 24.5.

I have a need of a third top striking option, and maybe some better cover at left back. Other than that I am content.



We always start with the best. “Hero” has lived up to his name, bagging 37 goals and 11 assists in 44 starts. Almost 5 shots a game, with 46% on target and 39% conversion rate. Not high on the distribution as he is leading the line.


Number two on the list is “Naert”.  Playing as the second striker he has not been quite as prolific as “Hero”, although scoring with almost 36% of the shots on target is impressive.


“Ostariz” is a good support striker, however his completion % of shots on target to goals is poor, and explains why he did not get many games.


Last seasons leader “Loz” has fallen away badly this season. The big issue is that he gets 60% of his shots on target however he only converts 7.5% of those. Unfortunately he is on contract for two more seasons and nobody wants to buy him.


“Hadders” has been on loan at St. Mirran and has bee performing well. I am impressed with his almost 43% On Target Conversion.


“Bean” on the other hand has not developed, and I don’t see a place in the club for him moving forward.


“Hardy” is another with potential. Currently on loan with Norwich City, he needs game time to develop fully.

Attacking Midfield


“Tan” was out injured for the first half of the season and took a while to recapture his form. He played well in behind the strikers and looks set for a much better next season.


J-Lal suffers from poor shooting accuracy which severely curtailed his time on the pitch this season. I’m not sure what his future role is, although I am thinking of a 4-4-2 so maybe right wing on support could be his new home.


“Goose” was hurt for three months and missed most of the run into the end of the season. At only 21 and considering there is room for growth, his numbers look impressive.


“Volkan” has been coming on strong this season and shows real potential as a play-maker. He lacks the killer instinct in front of goal however which may hinder his development.

Central Midfield


“Trickles” has been playing in both box-to-box and defensive midfield roles. Next season will see him move into the defensive midfield role exclusively.


“K.A.A.” will be the defensive midfield understudy to “Trickles” . He is also able to cover at centre back should that be needed.


“C.K.” will be pushed forward slightly next season – in effect swapping with “Trickles”.


“Halo” has improved sufficiently to take over the box to box role on the right side of the midfield.


“Nicko” is a developing DLP player. At only 20, he has probably 2 years more development before he will be able to force is way past the likes of “Trickles”


“Den” is in the last year of his contract, and will not get much game time. Shown here simply for completeness.

Full Backs


“Flavio” is the number one left back and has shown a liking for collecting yellow cards. The problem I have with him is his key passes are not high enough for the amount of possession he gets.


Reasonably solid defensively, “Ferran” is invisible on the attack side. Moving forward I need find ways to bring him into the play more.


As a back-up “Andy” has only really played against weaker opposition. His performances have been solid but not outstanding.


“Birdie” has only been backup and played few games. He does have a high % of mistakes leading to goal.


“Dari” has been on loan fort he season, however I can see him coming back into the side for next season. He can play central midfield as well as right back and this versatility is a great asset.



“Birgui” has played 412 appearances for the club and has been a top performer this season. Not great in the air.


“Nika Kika” started off as number two central defender, however he was replaced by the vastly improving “Lazar”. Has requested a transfer and I have agreed.


The find of the season. “Lazar” came in as an understudy to the centre backs and quickly forced himself into the starting XI. A player for the future.


“Vince” and “Lazar” both came in at the same time, however “Vince” has not kicked on as well. He is still number three central defender for now.


“Ingvar” is a youngster who is on the fringe of the first team.  He may need a loan spell to develop, and I am looking at options.

Goal Keepers

Presented for completeness, although I have a lot of work to do. The issue is that it is hard to work with quite limited stats.


Signed on a Bosman and then brought in early, The Greek quickly became the number one keeper.


“Sim” was getting long in the tooth, and his performances, while not being bad, were not quite there. Has asked to eave and I will let him go if I get an offer. If not he can stay and warm the bench.


Number three keeper. Probably will never get good enough, but will do well as a backup keeper.


A future star. The force is strong in this one! At 17 he is a logical successor to “The Greek” and will go out on loan for the next 2-3 seasons as playing first team football is very necessary for him to develop.

Next Episode

It’s a whole new season. Come join us for the preview show!

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