159: Liverpool finish second

16 May 2027
Liverpool, England

Liverpool finish second in The Premier League after putting in a solid campaign. Mr BadDragon will be ruing his sides poor start which ultimately wound up cost them the title. The fact that the team dropped their last two matches must also be a real concern.

On the positive side, the signing of “Hero” has been hailed as an inspired piece of business and the fans are looking towards the summer to see what other magic BadDragon can conjure up.

~Simply Red, FM Sport Digital

Well the season ended on a low note with us dropping our last two games. That aside, we have done very well and will look to build on this as we endevour to get our hands on a trophy as Liverpool boss.

Blow by Blow

Premier League – Match 34/38


New castle kick off the final episode of the season. A point guarantees us a top four finish, although I want to maintain my second place spot.


Starting with the narrow formation. Trickles is playing as the deep lying play-maker.


A good solid performance. One step closer to locking in Champions League group qualification.


Premier League – Match 35/38


We host Fulham and with qualification almost guaranteed, it seems fitting to give some of our fringe players some game time.


“Ingvar”, “Halo”, “Volkan” and “Tver” all get to start a game to see what they have to offer the team.


“Flavio” bagged a double! “Flavio” never scores, but today was his turn to bag a double. The youngsters did well and we secured at least 4th place..


Champions League Scores


Schalke gets the early advantage over PSG


while Barcelona have their match against Bayern under control.

Premier League – Match 36/38


A win in this match all but locks up second place. Chelsea dropped their game against Reading so a win would leave us still in the hunt. We need three wins and two Chelsea losses to clinch the title!


This game suddenly takes on importance as we are in with a sniff of the title. “Volkan” has been playing really well and deserves a chance to show what he brings to the table.


“Volkan” likes to run at defences and has been good with distribution.


“Tan” put on a master class today. The English midfielder turned in a top notch performance and appears to be starting to recapture the form that saw him on the verge of international selection before his injury last season.


Team News


Records are made to be broken, and “Hero” duly obliges. I am hoping that he gets a recall to the national side soon.

Champions League Results


Barcelona did enough to hang on to their first leg advantage while PSG came back to win on away goals


Arsenal win F.A.Cup


Unusual to have it played before the end of the season, but Arsenal have won the F.A.Cup beating Manchester United in the final.

Premier League – Match 37/38


Two games to go and the title race is still alive. All we can do is to keep winning and let the chips fall where they will.


“Goose” switches with “Volkan” for this match. We are going at this full steam ahead and hoping to get lucky.


Gutted. That’s how I feel right now. Forest held Chelsea to a draw, and a win would have kept us within touching distance. The loss however gifts Chelsea the title.


Premier League – Match 38/38


The final game of the season is pretty much a non event for both sides. After we cam up short against Spurs I have decided to field some young playesr and tak a look at them in a real match.


There are a few new faces,, with hopefully enough experienced heads to make sure that we don’t lose this game.


We were not good enough again, and this highlights one of our problems in the lack of solid depth in the goal scoring department. We tend to look pedestrian when trying to break teams down and I have to thing what we can do to fix this issue in the off season.


Champions League Review


PSG opens a serious can of whoop-ass on the boys from Barcelona! 5-0 up after just over an hour… humiliation.


“Hero” picked up most goals which is impressic considering PSG were kicking some serious butt.


Results Summary


We suffer two disappointing defeats to round out the campaign.

League Table


I can’t help feeling we left too many points on the table. Still we have played ok in parts.

End of Season Meeting


I am concerned with the reactions of “Tver” and “K.A.A.”. I have to question whether they have the drive necessary for success at this club.

Next Episode

Off Season time where I will have a look at some key players and make plans on how we can go one place better next year.

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