157: Liverpool oust Juventus

23 March 2027
Liverpool, England

Liverpool capitalised on a dominant first leg to get through to the Champions League quarter final. However they look like a team which is running out of steam in the league and appear to be struggling to get over the line.

If Manchester United can get a head of steam I predict that Liverpool will be lucky to finish third.

~Toxic Bob, Belarus FM Sport 1

We have left some points on the table this season. Ten draws out of 31 games is realistically four too many, and the eight points would be a big difference. Still we are alive in the Champions League and looking good for Champions League qualification again.

Blow by Blow

Champions League Results


Dortmund do a number on Chelsea, while Sampdoria kick PSV in the head!


Schalke get a narrow win over Dinamo Zagreb while Werder Bremen and PSG trade goals.

Premier League – Match 29/38


Once again we have Arsenal who we need to overcome as we attempt to keep up the pressure on Chelsea.


We field an unchanged side and one which is the best we have available.


In many ways we were the better side, however “Tan” had a poor game which hurt our attack. We were not great in the first spell but improved and finished the stronger. In the end a draw is not a bad result.


New Signing


I think I have  unearthed a gem here. This guy has some serious wheels and although he is quite raw I think he will be a future fist team player.

Champions League – 1st Knockout Round – Leg 2


We host Juventus at Anfield. After returning with five away goals I don’t see them getting anything out of the match.


We field a heavily changed side with “Birdie”, “Vince”, “Volkan” and “Ostariz” getting starts.


Well it wasn’t a vintage performance. Still with the first game lead we enjoyed it didn’t have to be.


Injury Update


The match against Juventus was not without cost as we lost “Ostariz” and “Halo” to injury.


Champions League Results


Both Bayern and Liverpool held onto what turned out to be unassailable leads.


Maybe we can progress in this competition as Anderlecht removed pesky Arsenal while Barcelona beat Manchester City.

Premier League – Match 30/38


Next up we face Wigan who are struggling to stay in the Premier League. I predict this could be either a cake walk or a dour battle. No middle ground.


My first choice first team lines up once again. The only change is “OK” coming in on the bench due to injuries.


Aside from the slight flutter when Wigan scored off a long ball we always looked in control. Another comfortable win.


Youth Candidates

The youth intake produced three players who might be good enough and 2 under 21 fodder players. The rest were dross.


“Honk” is a long shot right back that may amount to something. I have him locked down to a 3+3 deal to allow us to see how he develops.


“Yank” is another who might make it with the right training.


“John-Boy” is one of the fringe potential squad players.


“Lambo” could be a sleeper for the intake. He didn’t look all that impressive at first however he is versatile.


Last player is Selby who is a raw keeper. My assistant likes him, however I am not convinced. At 5’10” he is just a little too short for my tastes.

Champions League Scores


Schalke and PSG both did enough to get through,


Chelsea scraped through on penalties while Samproria lost at home but still went through.

Champions League Draw


Well we have drawn Barcelona. What fun!

Premier League – Match 31/38


The Mandate is simple. Keep winning games. Our next opponent is Norwich City who are flirting with relegation. 


No changes to the starting line-up and only one change on the bench as “Kevster” gets a chance.


This was a disaster. They didn’t deserve anything out of the game and yet they got two goals. The boys played badly and this has cost us any chance of a title victory.


Results Summary


This was our chance to close the gap on Chelsea however we couldn’t do what we needed to and have drawn too many games.

League Table


Chelsea have almost certainly won the title. We want to finish no lower than third place.

Next Episode


The Champions League Quarter final is up next as we take on Barcelona

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