139: The Recovery Continues

22 December 2025
Liverpool, England

Mr BadDragon appears to have turned the sinking ship that was Liverpool around following an impressive run over the past seven weeks. Since the debacle of the Reading game, his side have strung together a seven match unbeaten run which has seen them climb the ladder.

BadDragon has a knack of escaping from tough situations and has not been this close to the sack since the incident back in 2016 with Atletico Juventud. Whether the fairy tale can continue remains to be seen however and I wouldn’t  be surprised to see this run of form come to an abrupt end.

~Toxic Bob, Belarus FM Sport 1

Good old Toxic Bob! Trust him to rain on the parade! Still who gives a shit about what he has to say! Sit back and enjoy the month as it unfolded.

Blow by Blow

Premier League – Match 14/38


If we can get past Arsenal relatively unscathed we have a good chance of salvaging the season.


One change in the midfield as “Vo-Bo” replaces “J-Lal” due to the latter being fatigued.


Our run of good results continued as we ground out a win in a very even encounter. A fantastic free-kick strike by “Vo-Bo” proved to  be the difference between the two sides.


Injury Update


After “Loz” was forced off in the last game I feared the worst. However it is not that bad and he may be fit for the next match.

Team News


Southampton are currently leading the race in the Championship so will prove to be a tough side to overcome.

Premier League – Match 15/38


Next visitors to Anfield are West Brom who are just below us in 11th place. It is important that we keep the good run of games going and not take the foot off the gas against the easier sides.


“Vo-Bo” Drops back to the bench as “J-Lal” returns to full fitness. “Loz” is not quite ready to return do “Kurl” comes in to take his place.


A nice hat-trick by “Ostarz” proved decisive as we ran out deserved 4-0 winners over West Brom. The win was our fifth in a row, and since conceding the goal against Chelsea we have gone four matches without conceding.


Team News


It has been a good run of games and we are finally playing to our potential.

Team News


What better way to play your 500th game than a Merseyside derby.

Premier League – Match 16/38


We are popping across town to Goodison Park to play in my first derby. I’m feeling good about this match.


“Loz” is back on the bench, and will get 45 mins today. I have rejigged the midfield to give “Vo-Bo” some game time.


Well the run is broken. Our defenders didn’t play as well as they have been, especially “Ferran”. Still we were not defeated, but a draw in that match is like a loss.


Transfer News


This youngster has potential to be a long term keeper for the side. He will take a while to develop, however I expect him to be number two keeper in three seasons.

Premier League – Match 17/38


Leicester City are the next visitors to Anfield. It is important that we don’t allow the momentum to stall and that we get back on track with a win.


I asked my assistant to pick the side for today, and then mad a swap to give “Tan” a start which sees “Goose” back on the bench. “Loz” is back up front.


Sometimes the fact that you win is more important than winning pretty. This effort today was a prime example.


Team News


“Tan” put in a good performance today, however he missed the target a number of times.

Injury Update


“Flavio” is out for a week, which may result in him not being fit for the next match.

Results Summary


Not a bad run of results, although the draw at Everton was disappointing. Still the win at Arsenal made up for it.

League Table


Considering how badly we started out playing, it is amazing that we find ourselves up in fourth place just before Christmas.

Next Episode


A Christmas special sees us up against Swansea and Watford before ending with the F.A.Cup tie against Southampton.

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