133: BadDragon Joins Liverpool

11 June 2025
Liverpool, England

In what must be one of this years worst kept secrets, Liverpool Chairman Jay Thomas has announced that he has hired former Anderlecht boss Mr BadDragon to take charge at Anfield. Mr BadDragon has made no secret of his desire to take charge at Anfield and he gets his chance.

The Anderlect board and fans are not pleased with him deserting the side, although they were appreciative of the fact that he has left the team in great shape.

~Toothy Gabe, FOX FM Sports Africa


Managing Liverpool is what I can only describe as being a dream job. It is something I have been working towards for many years. I plan on making the most of this opportunity.

State of Play

When I get to the club, it is immediately apparent that the previous manager has run the club into the ground. The first team has a number of players who are the wrong side of 28 and others who are unhappy that we are not playing in the Champions League. If push comes to shove I am not going to force them to staying as we need to gut the team and completely rebuild.


The transfer budget is 32.03M and the wage budget 2.16M. Currently we are spending 240K per week over budget. There are seven players earning > 100K per week. Of these one is retiring and two are listed as rotation players.

The Plan

My goal is to challenge or the Champions League, with the aim of at minimum a Europa League spot. Realistically the objective is to secure a regular Champions League spot within 4 seasons.

The secondary objective is to do this while maintaining a home grown ratio of 50% players who have come through the youth system.

Next Episode

Join me as we amble through the pre-season with all the excitement that that journey entails.

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