83: Unexpected Victory

8 May 2022
Darmstadt, Germany

SV Darrmstadt 98 have come from no where to clinch the 3. Fußball-Liga title. The recently relegated side turned in an amazing run which saw them emerge victorious against the odds.

Mr BadDragon has been hailed as a miracle worker for taking a team which was scared of it’s own shadow and turning it into an all conquering force of biblical proportions. The question on everyone’s lips is can he keep them up?

~Ruthy Ruth, Belarus FM Sport 1

“An all conquering force of biblical proportions”

While that sells news papers it s not really the whole story. The full details are best left for their place in history. Enjoy the story of the last month of action.

Blow by Blow

3. Fußball-Liga – Match 35/38


This is the defining match of the title race. The winner remains in contention while the user falls behind. A draw will see both sides fall behind.


The only change sees “Hoff” in for the injured “Mr Serious”.


“Hoff” didn’t put in the best performance of his career, but managed to get the bragging rights as we did what we needed to do.


Key Results


Aue drop points and we are now 3 points clear.

Injury Update


We have lost “Blunt” for two weeks at a key moment. We have replacements but not as good… can we hold on to the advantage?

3. Fußball-Liga – Match 36/38


We play fourth placed Wehen Wiesbaden in a top draw clash. Wehen are looking to get back into the play-off spots and know that a loss here will make that dream fade somewhat.


One change sees young “Duffy” gets a start due to “Hoff” having a poor outing last game. “Task” is lucky to retain his spot but “Deme” has to cover the hole left by “Blunt”‘s injury.


What a joke. “Jack”‘s ill discipline cost us the chance to pull away when he was sent off after 10 minutes for two yellow cards. To add insult to injury we lost “The Cat” to a crude challenge which will see him out for the rest of the season.


Team News


There was no excuse for his ill discipline. If I could have fined him a month I would have done so.

Injury Update


Another disappointing injury as we have lost another key player at a critical moment of the season.

Team News


It doesn’t get any easier with “Task” out suspended for the next match.

3. Fußball-Liga – Match 37/38


The good news is that “Mr Serious” and “Blunt” are both back. Neither are at full fitness, but both have to play. We have used up our buffer and need two wins.


Massive changes to  the side this week. “Blunt” and “Mr Serious” are both back. “Deme” and “Uno” are in for the suspended “Task” and “Jack”, while “Horse” replaces “The Cat” on the right.


We did what was needed and bagged all three points. I was worried when we gave a goal up just on half time to leave the score 1-1. Still we did enough to get the points.


Injury Update


It doesn’t get any better, does it?  We have lost our backup right back to a groin strain. I was tempted to administer injections, but decided it wasn’t worth it.

3. Fußball-Liga – Match 38/38


Its all down to the last match for us. Win and the title is ours. A point and the promotion is secure.



“Task” returns following his suspension, and “Kees” comes in at right back. “Uno” preferred to “Jack” due to his prior ill discipline.  I change things up by reverting to the 4-5-1 due to their formation.


Well we did it… but not convincingly. Still the win is in the bag, the title is ours and I am a year ahead of schedule!


Job done, title is ours.

Team News


Simply put, “Task” was up to the task today. A hat-trick in what was the most critical game of the season.


Of course the fans are happy!


As are the board!


And even former players love me!

Results Summary


We did what we needed to do and picked up 10 points when it mattered most.

League Table


There you have the final standings.

Next Episode

End of season wrap-up and reaction to the title win.

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