82: Too close to call

10 April 2022
Darmstadt, Germany

Turning for home the leading teams are neck and neck. This has been an amazing race and it looks like it will come down to the wire. I don’t know who is going to come out on top here. All I know is it will make fascinating viewing.

~John Chen, Saudi FM News Network

Well here we are in a

Blow by Blow

3. Fußball-Liga – Match 31/38


We need to keep the results coming in. One game at a time, focussing on only the opposition who are in front of me.


“Deme” makes his first start today as “Eee-gor” is not back from international duty. “C.N.N” is bank in the midfield due to rotation.


“Task” had a shocker, but I have to question giving the penalty to him. Still we won the game so all is forgiven. “The Cat” will be suspended next match for his red card.


3. Fußball-Liga – Match 32/38


This is a key match for us. A win here could potentially see us sitting on top of the table.


“Horse” is in for the suspended “The Cat”, while “Eee-gor” returns on the flank. Finally “Welk” drops back to DM as “Stocky” is given a rest, ith “Jack” coming in to MC (R)


We did what was needed and took all three points. The race is hotting up.


Player Recalled


Well this is a blow. Looks like they really didn’t want their defensive midfield player to play as defensive midfield. The loan was to play him as a central midfielder so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

3. Fußball-Liga – Match 33/38


Our mission is simple. We have to go out and win every game we play. If we do this, and the teams ahead of us slip up then the title is ours!


The only change is the return of “The Cat”. We will miss “Stocky” on the run in.


We put in a shocking performance with our front players turning in 6.2 and 6.3 ratings. Still we got the result with a fine header to take all three points and keep the title hopes alive.


A New Record


It will take almost a doubling of this record to achieve the promotion and title dream. I know it wasn’t part of the plans for the season, but we would be foolish not to try.

3. Fußball-Liga – Match 34/38


The big one against Bayern II. Admittedly it is only the second team, but it still represents the biggest club that I have battled against in my career.


I have few options and so we field the same line-up.  We just have to keep riding the same horse and hope it has the legs to get us to the finish line.


We got the win, although we were not really good for it. Still we found the net one more time than they did and at the end of the season that will be all that is remembered.


Injury Update


“Mr Serious” will be missing for three of the last five weeks of the season. He will leave a hole at the back.

New Record


Results Summary


Four from four, and seven in a row! The dream is still alive.

League Table


We are part of the lead bunch. Who’d have thunk it.

Next Episode


The run in to the end of the season. The key game is first up. Win that and the dream is still alive.

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