81: Competition Wide Open

21 March 2022
Darmstadt, Germany

The competition is wide open with eight matches left to play. Only five points separate the top nine teams and it would be a brave person who will try to predict the final order.

Mr BadDragon has his Darmstadt side well positioned to make a definite title run.

~Charlie Angel, Korean FM Sports News

This is an amazing season and will go down to the wire. The side which can string a god series of results together will take home the glory. We have taken the first steps in making a title run. Do we have what it takes?

Blow by Blow

Scouring the Youth Team

A month in i decided that I needed to take a look at the players in the youth team and see who was worth keeping.


“Stubble” has potential to develop into a good left midfielder.  He possesses a good amount of pace and is two footed.


This boy could make a top player for the club. Whether I will be around to see this happen remains to be seen.

3. Fußball-Liga – Match 27/38


We open this episode with a visit to “Red White” Erfurt who are flirting with relegation.


“Jose” comes in to lead the line with “Task” dropping back into the midfield.


We have a real issue with shots on target. In fact we are now 27 games into the season and our top goal scorer has only five goals.


Injury Update


“Jose” didn’t get much of a chance to make a name for himself before he got hurt. He is now out for almost the rest of the season.

300 Games


3. Fußball-Liga – Match 28/38


I hate it when the press say that we are in for an easy win. I have found that it is never easy and sometimes not even a win.


Time to change things up a little bit. “Task” is back up top and “C.N.N.” comes in as advanced playmaker.


Well the change in formation made a huge difference. We looked better on the ball and created a number of good chances which we managed to convert for a change.


New Signing


Promising young Italian Winger and future director Silvestro “Quentin” Tarantino will be joining the side once his Pro Verceli contract expires at the end of the season.

3. Fußball-Liga – Match 29/38


If we win this we pop back into contention for the promotion race.


An unchanged line-up- never change a winning team.


We took control of the match and did the business.


3. Fußball-Liga – Match 30/38


Regensburg is on the cusp of the relegation zone and will fight hard to get something out of this game.


“Jack” gets a start ahead of “C.N.N” at centre midfield.


Another good performance by us this time out.  The change in formation has seen us control the play and deny the opposition any meaningful chances.


Results Summary


We reversed the mini slump and started picking up the points.

League Table


This is one tight league. Five points separate the top nine teams, and with eight matches to go any of these teams could win the title.

Next Episode


All teams on the list are below us in the league.

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