79: Winter Break

20 January 2022
Darmstadt, Germany

The fans of S.V. Darmstadt 98 will be looking on with high expectations as their team takes the field under the leadership of Mr BadDragon for the first time. Mr BadDragon has built a formidable record of winning competitions, and the fans will be hoping that he can lead the side into promotion contention.

Mr BadDragon has played down the prospects for a rapid return to success, preferring to focus on establishing a solid foundation. One thins is certain however. He has not taken this job for a sabbatical.

~Grey Mando, FOX FM Sports Africa

So here we are on the cusp of my fifth managerial position, this time in charge of S.V. Darmstadt 98. We have has a good winter break and I am looking forward to the road ahead.

Sit back and see how my first few weeks in charge played out.

Manager Signings


One of my first acts was to assemble a management team for the reserve and youth teams.


New Staff Signing


We didn’t have a physio! I needed to fix that. Horn is the best free agent for the cheapest dosh and so he gets the job!


Kertesz is a very good if unknown Hungarian defensive coach.


Diallo is an unknown St Maarten coach who is very sound when it comes to training attacking.


Finally Jurgen Lenz comes to the club as goalkeeping coach, having freshly retired.

New Signings



“Duffy” was released from Crystal Palace and looks decent. 1.5 star current 3.5 star potential.


“Orte” is an above average looking midfielder who has ability to improve. Will be a rotation option as cover in the middle of the park.


18 year old free agent “Deme” who was without a club. He is only a cover player however he can play most positions across the front line. My assistant seems to think he has potential to develop.


“Kees” is a nice solid backup left back. has potential to develop for us.


“Horse” is at this stage only a back-up rightback.



Two set piece goals were enough for us to pick up the win.


A solid enough win for us. The clean sheet was especially pleasing.


We got slaughtered here. Shows the gulf in quality, doesn’t it.


A fairly even game which we won late on.


We dominated this match and shut the opposition out almost totally.

The Tactics


Results Summary


A good series of results for us.

League Table


Just a quick reminder of where we stand in the league.

Next Episode


We resume the campaign against the second teams for Dortmund and Schalke as well as facing Dresden, Aue, and Duisburg.

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