78: BadDragon Joins Darmstadt

21 December 2021
Darmstadt, Germany

In a surprise move, Mr BadDragon has signed for struggling German side S.V. Darmstadt 98. The move has come as a huge shock to the Newcastle United Jets faithful who have been none to complementary about the manner of his departure.

“What do you expect from a Kiwi?” was the feeling of the supporters today. The fact that he has brought success to the club seems to count for nothing now that he is gone.

~Perky Nana, FM Sky Sports England

So I got this offer from a little club in Germany. S.V. Darmstadt 98 coincidentally located in Darmstadt, Germany. I was ready to move to a new challenge, and after managing teams in the top tier of competitions it is fun to be in a division where promotion is the goal.


S.V. Darmstadt 98


S.V. Darmstadt is a club who is on the rise. They managed to make it into the 2. Bundesliga two seasons ago but failed to stay up.


The challenge is to keep the good players, while building for the future. There are a number of players who are not happy at being relegated and want to leave, so it looks like a case of starting building the team from scratch.

My goal is to take the side up to the second division and establish them as a solid mid-table side by the end of the 2024-25 season. This season half season is about consolidation. Next season is promotion, and then two seasons to become a mid-table side.

Key Players

2021-0317-Mr Serious

Imagine my surprise when I discovered this fine gentleman. “Mr Serious” was one of my first signings ever made, back in the days of the Korean Capers. I wasn’t even aware that he was at the club.


“Blunt” is my Ghanan inside forward and looks reasonably decent. He isn’t the swiftest player over the ground but still looks fairly good. for this level.


“Eee-Gor” is  my first choice right winger from Montenegro. He is with us until 2024 which should be sufficient for his participation in my grand scheme.


“Task” is my first choice striker. He can however play anywhere through the middle, which makes him versatile.


“Corporal Jones” is a good keeper. While he is not getting any younger,  he is still plenty good enough for the side.

Transfer Budgets


That’s right folks. The transfer budget is negative £1,470,000. Negative! I guess I won’t be making any transfers this window.


Financially we are not too badly off, though so I think that with some judicious management we could get things turned around.

League Table


Next Episode


It’s winter break so I will be back with an update following the friendlies and detail my cunning plans for world domination.

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