End of Career – Jets

 20 December 2021
Newcastle, Australia

As you can see from the title, I am no longer manager of the Newcastle United Jets. I had achieved everything I wanted to achieve with the club, and another team came in and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Which team I hear you ask? All in good time.

This episode is all about my two and a half years in charge of the Jets. My successes, my failures, highs, and lows. God that sounds so dramatic! In short there was nothing left to achieve in Australia so it was time to move on.

Newcastle United Jets

Career History

I took the Jets job with two objectives in mind.

  1. Win the Asian Champions League
  2. Stick it to Sydney FC for not waiting for me to come free

By achieving objective one, I would achieve objective 2. I think I succeeded in both objectives, winning the Champions League in my third season. Sydney FC appointed 4 managers in the time I was with the Jets and never made the playoffs. They even approached me to be their new manager, but I turned them down.

After the first season I had achieved the league title and it felt like I was treading water. I had assembled a good young side which could go on and become a real force. However there was not a lot of glory to be had. There are no cup competitions so we have effectively 27 games plus play-offs a season. In short there was no incentive to stay any longer.

Career Stats

Games Played 84 Goals For 177 Cups Won 1
Games Won 58 Goals Against 59 Leagues Won 2
Games Drawn 14 Goal Difference 118 Promotions 0
Games Lost 12 Win Ratio 69% Relegations 0

Titles Won


Next Episode

As I write this I am in transit to my new club. It may take me a while to get there as I have a desire to do something slightly different for a while. The save is not dead, and will be returned to. I find I like to take a couple of weeks away from the save in between clubs. Of course as I write this I have 10 episodes in the can and scheduled so the break may not be all that apparent.

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