75: Going through the motions

Newcastle, Australia

I have officially entered the holding pattern having achieved all I can here. I know that it is time to move on. I am just holding out for the FIFA Club World Cup which is due to start next episode. In the mean time there are four league games to play and attempt to win. I owe it to the team to leave them in the best possible place when I leave.

Huddersfield Anyone?


What better time to chase a high profile job than when you win a major trophy. I have made a decision to move should a serious offer that appeals. I am thinking that I will stay for the club world cup, if I can. While it violates one of the rules of engagement, I think trying to land a premier league club that I have no realistic chance should be allowed.

Hyundai A-League – Match 7/27


Back to Brisbane on the way home for a quick match!


Lots of changes to our team. Giving a number of the back-up players some game time.


Penalty after 47 seconds and we are behind. A long goal kick sees us concede a second goal, and we went into the half 2-0 down. I threw a fit and told the boys exactly what I thought of that effort. A goal from the restart and four goals in 17 minutes was the result for what was in the end a comfortable victory.


Application Unsuccessful


Well the position was always a long shot. Dare to Dream I say!

Sydney come knocking


Sydney FC come knocking, but I decline the job. They could have had me had they waited 2 more weeks when I was still at Cosmos. I am done with the A-League, I long for greener pastures.


The Manager history at Sydney makes telling reading. We were offered the job in May 2019.

Hyundai A-League – Match 8/27


Adelaide come to town for their first visit of the season. It is a feature of the way the season has been going that it feels like we are more advanced in the season than we actually are.


Rotated team giving games to players who need matches. Adelaide have been no pushover in the past and I expect a torrid game.


Better late than never. An extra time winner in the 93rd minute by “The Count” was sufficient to see us take all three points.


Hyundai A-League – Match 9/27


“The Heart” are our next stop. The unbeaten run is on the line today.


For the first time in a while we have a week off between games. “Trickles” will partner “The Count” while “Sunshine” gets a chance to claim the problematic left attacking midfield position.


Our ability to come back finally failed. To be fair we were woeful in front of goal today and on another day we would have scored four.


Offer Ultimatum


I was hoping to delay this offer to the end of the Club World Cup, but I couldn’t. I wasn’t in love with the team, but that logo!  Magical.

No Song for This Swan


No interview either, but I never really expected to get one! Another bite at the Premier League cherry comes up empty handed.

Albion agree to think


Well it wasn’t a rejection! I am happy to be considered.


Ultimately unsuccessful, but it’s a start. That makes it zero for three from Premier League applications!

Hyundai A-League – Match 10/27


Back home to Wellington for what could be one of my last games as Jets boss.


In preparation for the Club World Cup I send out my shadow first choice team.


Two early goals to “Mr Li” were enough to get a win. We were not perfect by a long shot.



Results Summary


Three wins and a draw from four games was a nice return.

League Table


Ten points clear after ten games without us playing our best football.

Next Episode


A FIFA Club World Cup special edition coming your way. Tune in tomorrow to see whether lowly Newcastle can slay some giants.

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