73: Four from Four

10 November 2021
Newcastle, Australia

The reports with no Champions League games have become so ho hum really. It’s not that I don’t care about them, but rather that I have done all I want to do in the A-League. We have one game to play in the Champions League and then it is pretty much game over for me at the club. Should we win the Champions League then we will have the Club World Cup to play in so I may stick about until then.

Injury Update


Slightly frustrated to lose “J.P”. I was looking to have him play some minutes off the bench.

Hyundai A-League – Match 3/27


The Victory are back to their best and are top of the table. We have a tired squad and a tough schedule.


Rotated side with players picked for fitness levels only.


We played well in this match, and shut them down with a whopping 69% posession. “The Count” scored a rare goal for the team.


Injury Update


“Gopher” has been playing well, and to lose him for the Champions League final is a blow. He may be back in time, but I am not counting on that.

Hyundai A-League – Match 4/27


Next into town come the other Melbourne team, and it seems only fair to administer a friendly Newcastle beating to them.


A little reshuffle of the team.


“Scruffy” missed the most open goal ever. Hit the far post from 4 yards out with the keeper nowhere in sight. They were reduced to 10 men for most of the game and yet it took 75 mins to find the opening. “Trooper” was the one to make his chance stick and we won by a single goal to nil.


Hyundai A-League – Match 5/27


On the road to the Mariners next, and our local derby. The derby is named after the former name of the Pacific Motorway, which connects the two clubs. The name has been retained despite the Motorway now being officially known as the M1.


We send out our first team this match with the intention of a full rotation before the final.


A nice win. We didn’t play to our best, but got the desired result. Once again we dominated almost totally but could kick the door down.


Hyundai A-League – Match 6/27


Next up we pay a visit to the Sydney Warriors.


We opt to field a fully rotated squad, with most of our first team resting up for the final.


For the side we fielded, this was a very solid performance. we had 14 shots however we struggled to get shots on target. Of the four shots on target we scored from three of them so the conversion rate was good.


Results Summary


Well that was pleasing. Four games played, four wins, 8 goals for and none against.

League Table


We have now played six, won six, and lead the table.

Next Episode


Coming up later today – A Champions League final special.

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