71: Quest for Champions League Glory

4 October 2021
Newcastle, Australia

We came into this period with only one objective – get past Jeonbuk. A draw away setup a tense home leg, but we did have the advantage of an away goal. When they came to visit for the return leg we looked a lot sharper and managed a 4-0 scoreline to go through 5-1 on aggregate.

Beltran Transfer Listed


He didn’t last long at his new club. Even though I have a soft spot for “Frosty”, I won’t be trying to lure him back.

AFC Champions League – Quarter Final – Leg 1


This is a hard match to start the season off with. We are still a month away from kick-off in the domestic competetion and have to play  a quarter final as the first game of the new season. We are looking for at least one away goal tonight to set up the return leg in a couple of weeks time.


One change to the side which finished the last match last season. “Trooper” Wells preferred on the left flank over “Gopher”.


They come out firing and we were under the cosh for the first quarter of the match. We were just starting to get back into it when we conceeded the first goal. “Dobbie” pulled a goal back for us right on half time and we finished the stronger team. Sadly we couldn’t find the winner which we deserved.


We do take an important away goal back to Hunter Stadium for the second leg.

New Signing


This youngster was the pick of our youth intake and I have locked him down to a long term deal.

AFC Champions League – Quarter Final – Leg 2


The fans are buying into the hype that we are not a team on the rise. I am feeling reasonably happy with the progress of the side and am looking forward to advancing. To do so we need a home win, simple as that.


Only one change sees “Gopher” starting ahead of “Trooper”


We started right from where we finished the last game and battered the Jeonbuk goal. For the longest time it looked like we were not going to get anything out of the match and it took a “Mr Li” special to break the deadlock. At 1-0 my half-time talk was keep going, as it would only take a goal by them to force themselves back into the match. Keep going we did, and three second half goals were enough to secure us a semifinal match against Suwon.


“Family Man” Suspended


A second yellow card for “Family man will see him miss the opening game of the Champions League Semi-final. Disappointing, but not insummountable.

Results Summary


Only two matches that mattered this episode. A fine Champions League quarter final win over Jeonbuk, and a bunch of friendlies against no-name teams to build up fitness.

Next Episode


The next episode will be a bumper edition, with us playing both legs of the semi-final against a very strong Suwon side.

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