70: New Season on Horizon

9 September 2021
Newcastle, Australia

The off-season has progressed much faster this season. I find it helps when it is broken into two chunks with the initial Champions League matches coming up.

New Signings


“Archer” Bowman comes into the side as a rotation midfield player to fill the shoes of the departing “Cone Head”. Due to the odities of the transfer window and Champions League registration he will join us before the games commence but I can’t register him for the competition.


“Reido” comes in to replace “The Axe”. While not as good a player, “Reido” will be a passable replacement and understudy for “Boothie” Booth.

Player Departure


“The Axe” just didn’t work out for us. He was error prone and also reckless in the challenge which were two things that I could not afford in the squad. I decided I needed to move him on, and priced him at a level to do so. I probably could have gotten more, but still trebled my initial investment on him.

Injury Update


If you are gong to have an injury, the best time is at the start of the end of season lay off.

New Sponsorship Deal


Our sponsorship has been declining. I am not sure why this is happening as we are raising the profile of the club.


This is by far the strangest announcement I have ever seen! What are the crackpots smoking?!?!? We won the league twice, the second time dominating the league totally, and yet the opinion of the club goes down? To top it all Melbourne Victory don’t even qualify for the play-offs and fail to get out of their champions league group and they get listed as an up and coming rated team.


Good to see “Gopher” getting the record for most assists in the league.


I can’t fault the choice of “Dobbie” Dobson as player of the year. He has been Mr consistent for us all season.


“Dobbie” also picked up the award of best rating. He is a future star in the making and the club may struggle to keep hold of him moving forward.


We draw Korean side Jeonbuk in the next round. This is definitely in keeping with the Asian theme of the Confederation.


We then get Korean giant Suwon or Saudi Arabian Al-Hilal in the semifinal. I have locked horns with Suwon before as Cosmos manager in the club world championship. Theya were a tough opponent then.


There was some serious overseas interest in “Warrior”, and my rejecting their advances cost me more money in a new contract for him. I am happy with the investment.

Injury Update


Of course the ink was hardly dry on the deal before he picked up a knock in training. Still it isn’t serious and not really a concern.

Sharks Circle


“Gopher” was the next target on the international shopping list. I told them that I wanted 10 million for him and they went away. Interestingly it didn’t cost me a new contract negotiation which was pleasing.

Injury Update


Another minor niggle for “The Muzz”. Nothing much to be concerned about.

Results Summary


Our opponents were all carefully picked to give us an easy run and allow us to build up match fitness. I am not worried about the lack of a serious challenge as I am confident in the strength of the squad.

Next Episode


Next up we have the two Champions League matches against Jeonbuk plus few more friendlies.

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