69: End of Season Review

04 May 2021
Newcastle, Australia

Another great season where we dominated both the league and also the Champions League group as well. We won the league after 20 matches and then lost five in a row. At the same time we were cleaning up in the champions league, which makes me think that the full team rotation was causing issues. Something to look at moving forward.

One negative is that our left attacking midfield players only accounted for 3 goals and 4 assists in the whole season. I don’t have enough information to look into this in detail, but it is something I need to monitor moving forward.

The Squad

On the whole our squad is much better than last years side. Our depth across all positions is better, and we have some good youngsters coming through. Moving forward There are a couple of players who are being cut and we will be looking for replacements in these positions. Other than that I don’t envision there being many changes to personnel.


2020-0134-TsatsalidisNikos Tsatsalidis (GK)
Age 20
Games 30
Rating 7.01
Nickname “The Greek”

At the start of the season Nikos was only the second string keeper. However it soon became clear that he was fast becoming the top keeper in the squad. When Phil Hughes came to me and asked to be allowed to seek new challenges, Nikos was cemented as the top starter.

2020-0126Phil Hughes (GK)
Age 30
Games 7
Rating 7.07
Nickname “The Major”

Phil Hughes is leaving the side at the end of the season in a quest for new challenges. He has been a staunch servant for the club with 159 league appearances over the past eight seasons. He will be leaving a hole in the side.

MurrayJordan Murray (GK)
Age 18
Games 0
Rating –
Nickname “The Muzz”

Jordan Murray will never be good enough to be a starter in this team. He is the best of the backups that I have available. I have no need to sign a top keeper as backup however, so I guess he will be my number two!


2020-0128Sam Booth (CD)
Age 21
Games 26 (3)
Rating 7.38
Nickname “Boothie”

Sam Booth has continued to develop this season, and was a key player in the side. Not as solid as I would like, “Boothie” has made the odd mistake and bad challenge yet has delivered a solid performance.

2020-0129Rory Adams (CD)
Age 22
Games 29 (2)
Rating 7.31
Nickname “Family Man”

“Family Man” has been the star performer in the heart of the defence. He has delivered consistently good performances and possesses the knack of making his team mates look better than they are.

RobertsonNick Roberston (CD, DM, MC)
Age 23
Games 11 (5)
Rating 6.84
Nickname “Robbo”

“Robbo” has made mark a positive impact since joining the team from ??????. He has not managed to force his way into the starting first team, but when called upon to play has done well.

2020-0138-The-AxeNikos Koumantaros (CD)
Age 21
Games 9 (5)
Rating 6.76
Nickname “The Axe”

Koumantaros has not worked out for the team. Guilty of making stupid decisons, bad challenges, and horendous gaffs that cost us three goals last season. It is time to move him on at a profit and cut my losses.

2020-0137-TurnbullNick Turnbull (CD)
Age 19
Games 1 (2)
Rating 6.23
Nickname “Tufty”

Good youngster but maybe not good enough long term. Still he is still developing and such has been the poor form of “The Axe” he has been considered ahead of him in some matches”


2020-0130Matias Beltran (LB,WBL,ML)
Age 33
Games 8
Rating 7.35
Nickname “Frosty”

“Frosty” started to show his age and when an offer came in for him from his home country he said he would like to go home. Despite not having suitable cover, I decided to let him go. He has been a good servant and I wish him well.

2020-0127Natale Bartolo (RB, MR)
Age 20
Games 32
Rating 7.50
Nickname “Eyetie”

“Eyetie has been a permanent fixture at right-back this season. He has been solid on defence and ever present supporting attacks. A key performer in the side.

PhillipsBrodie Phillips (LB)
Age 20
Games 16
Rating 7.39
Nickname “Narcoleptic”

Brodie Phillips has come on by leaps and bounds this season, forcing him into the starting line-up. WHile he is still some way behind “Frosty in quality, he is getting close.

ThurtellPaul Thurtell (RB)
Age 21
Games 6
Rating 6.62
Nickname “Thurts”

“Thurts” has not developed this season and I think I can find someone better to cover at right back. His contract will not be being extended.

BellshawJon Bellshaw (RB)
Age 20
Games 12
Rating 6.92
Nickname “Taffy”

Jon Bellshaw has been reduced to a supporting role due to the limit of four foreign players in the Champions League squad. I am not sure what the future offeres for him at the club.


2020-0131Clayton King (DM,MC)
Age 20
Games 29 (2)
Rating 7.41
Nickname “C.K.”

“C.K.” has been one of my star performers in the side since I moved him to Advanced Playmaker . He is a top player for the future and has benefited from the first team experience.

2020-0132Jason Ferguson (MC, DM, RB, LB)
Age 27
Games 9 (20)
Rating 6.93
Nickname “The Count”

The count has slipped from being a starter into a super-sub, making 20 appearances off the bench. His versatility in being able to cover all midfield positions as well as deputize at either fullback has been crucial to our performances.

2020-0125Sean Brook (MC, AMC)
Age 21
Games 30
Rating 7.50
Nickname “Trickles”

“Trickles” has also been a key performer for us this season. He has bagged a dozen goals, mostly from free kicks, and chimed in with 7 assists. He also managed 33 key passes.

AdilovicSergej Adilovic (MC)
Age 20
Games 4 (2)
Rating 6.73
Nickname “Dildo”

Injuries limited game time, however he has not been able to force himself into the starting lineup. Although he is only ranked 7th on the depth chart, he is being retained for the next season as a backup option in the midfield.

MasetiAndie Maseti (CD, DM, MC)
Age 22
Games 29 (1)
Rating 7.33
Nickname “Warrior”

“Warrior” is another player who has grown into an automatic starter for us. Has four goals and three assists from the DM slot along with a 90% pass completion rating.

BatidegeiRobert Batidegei (MC, AMC)
Age 20
Games 4 (3)
Rating 6.78
Nickname “Cone Head”

Batidegei has played a whopping 426 minutes this season. My assistant thinks he has 2.5 star potential, and I think that is a fair call. He ranks in s only sixth on the depth chart for the central midfield position. Sorry to see him go, but he will not be getting an extension

VujicaDenis Vujica (MC, AMC)
Age 17
Games 2 (4)
Rating 6.90
Nickname “Vugee”

Talented youngster, who suffered an injury which ruled him out of games he could have played in. I envision him getting more minutes next season as long as league position permits.


LiLi Rencai (AMR, ST, AMC)
Age 24
Games 29 (4)
Rating 7.50
Nickname “Mr Li”

“Mr Li” has bee a revelation this season, and has been a key factor in our improved performance in front of goal. He bagged 24 goals in 31 appearances, and boasted a 53% shot on target ratio. He also contributed a whopping team high 46 key passes.

2020-0124Michael Dobson (AMR, ST, AMC)
Age 24
Games 29 (1)
Rating 7.79
Nickname “Dobbie”

“Dobbie” Dobson has become the default setting on the right of attacking midfield. He bagged 17 goals, 13 assists, and 4 POM awards. He had an 83% pass success rating including 23 key passes.

2020-0133-McDonoughRay McDonough (AML, ML, MC)
Age 20
Games 5 (8)
Rating 6.85
Nickname “Sunshine”

Sunshine has not had many chances this season. He is still on a youth contract so will be retained.

2020-0134-CarliDevid Carli ( ST)
Age 21
Games 10 (10)
Rating 6.86
Nickname “Scruffy”

“Scruffy” dropped down the pecking order following the arrival of “Mr Li”. He is firmly number two striker however, and will continue to play a part next season.

WellsNick Wells (ST, AML, AMR)
Age 22
Games 16 (10)
Rating 6.98
Nickname “Trooper”

“Trooper” was the backup striker last season, but really didn’t deliver in front of goal. He has been playing on the left flank.

RobinsonChristopher Robinson (AML, AMC, AMR, ML, MC, MR)
Age 20
Games 3 (1)
Rating 6.67
Nickname “Nerd”

Has failed to break into the first team. Contract is up at the end of the season and will not be offered an extension.

DeVereChristopher DeVere (MR, AMR, AML, ST)
Age 18
Games 18 (7)
Rating 7.25
Nickname “Gopher”

Gopher has come in and made a real impact. After trying him in a number of different positions he has settled into the key AML for the side.

MorganJ Morgan (AML, ST)
Age 18
Games 1 (3)
Rating 6.93
Nickname “J.P.”

Youth player who has made an impact. Scored 2 goals on debut and has played a total of 167 minutes.

GriffithsDaniel Griffiths (AMR)
Age 17
Games 2
Rating 6.8
Nickname “Griff”

Another youth player who has been given some first team minutes. Backup player only.

Seasons Stats


For those interested in looking at the stats, here is the list in all its glory.

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