68: Newcastle Advance

13 May 2021
Newcastle, Australia

A small update to wrap up the season and record the final two matches of the season. This is actually an odd report, coming as it does on the back of Grand Final. Still we have go along with the demands of the Federation and play when we are told to play.

I have been thinking long and hard on my future here at the club. I don’t see the club being below me, but rather the A-League is a tad boring. There is only the A-League, and the Champions League.

Special Feature

TV Stations

As a special feature for all you loyal viewers, I though I would share with you the supporting cast who help me to bring you this riveting content. As you can see BadDragon TV now syndicates to six major networks throughout the globe. Yes folks, they even have names!

The more observant of you will notice that we have added two more stations and that some of our presenters have moved to different locations. Others of you won’t give a damn, but that is not my concern! It’s all part of the apeal to me, the content creator.

Team News


We did it. Back to back grand final wins. We were not quite as dominant as it seemed, but good enough.


Predictably the fans think I am a god!


I don’t understand how we could be classes as overachievers, seeing as we have won the whole shebang for the second year running.


With the win comes the Champions League entry.

AFC Champions League – 2nd Round – First Leg


We go into this game on the back of a championship win. With this being the home leg a clean sheet is a priority.


The only change is on the bench were “Dildo” and “Sunshine” come in to make up the numbers.


We got the result we wanted. Three goals and a clean sheet is almost the perfect result for us and puts us in the box seat.


Injury Report


“Boothie” has picked up a gashed leg and so will  be out for the return leg. “Robbo” is favourite to get some game time.

AFC Champions League – 2nd Round – Second Leg


Once again we have been written off. I am not concerned as we just need to knock in an away goal to be in a reasonably commanding position.


The only change to the team sees “Boothie” out with a knock so “Robbo” comes into the starting lineup and “The Axe” comes onto the bench.


We do what we have to do and notch up another good result which sees us through to the quarter final.


Injury Update


Not a biggie as it is the end of the season.

New Record


“Mr Li” has been a big factor this season. 24 goals in 29 starts is a good return.

Board Evaluation



Results Summary


Not much to report. Two comfortable wins sees us through to the next round.

Next Episode

It’s the end of the season which means that it is time for the End of Season update.

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