63: Champions Again!

21 February 2021
Newcastle, Australia

The league is won with a whopping seven matches left to play!  This has been a really strange season, as there has been no team which has even put up a fight. It’s not like we have been unbeatable and by that I mean winning all our games by four or five goals. We have won 18 games, but no one else is in double figures for wins.

Injury Update


“Cone Head” was due to be rotated into the first team. This will delay this happening.

Hyundai A-League – Match 17/27


The Heart were a top side last season. This season they have struggled.


“Nerd is back to the reserves due to a run of average performances. “Gopher” gets his first run after the injury lay-off.


We were shocking.  We won thanks to an own goal! Should I be concerned that we have lost our mojo? That being said we had a flat spot this time last year, but we are winning instead of losing.


Team News


We have been gone a year undefeated! That is some record.

Updated World View


As the time progresses I have decided to tweak the leagues to include a few more South American and European Leagues.  I have got rid of almost all of the Asian leagues as I can’t see myself staying in Asia much longer.

Hyundai A-League – Match 18/27


First plays second today with a 17 point lead with 10 games to play. This will also complete the second rotation.


One change with “Trooper” starting in place of “Gopher”.


We scored early and then did enough to hold on. The most worrying facet is the injuries picked up by both “Trickles” and “Dobbie” I am waiting to get reports from the medical team.


Injury Update


“Trickles” is out for only a week which is good news.


“Dobbie” being out for 6 weeks is not good news for us. I don’t really have cover for him, and with the champions league coming up it is not the best time for this to happen.

Champions League Draw


Newcastle Jets are drawn in Group E. Our opponents are Chunnam Dragons from Korea, Sanfrecce Hiroshima from Japan, and Shandong Luneng Taishan from China.

Hyundai A-League – Match 19/27


The media predict that this should be a walk in the park. I am taking no chances, but am quietly confident.


“Trickles is back from his knock, while “Eyetie” is playing at right wing. “Thurts” comes in at right back for his first start of the season. “Cone Head” and “The Major” make the bench.


This was a game of two halves. First half we were shocking and were quickly a goal down when we failed to defend a corner. We then went 2-0 behind and things looked dire. I rang the changes at half time, taking off three players who were having poor games. Within 20 minutes we were in front 3-2  and looking good. However there was another twist where we lost “Trickles” to what looked like a groin strain and had to play the last 20 minutes with 10 men. We held on to take all three points.


Injury Report


It could have been worse. 3-4 weeks is not crash hot, but better than it could have been.

Hyundai A-League – Match 20/27


According to my calculations I need three points to win the league with eight games to play, such has been out dominance this season. I am thinking that we may not win this game, as I am fielding a weaker side with the champions league match mid week being the focus.


“J.P” Morgan and “Griff” Griffiths get to make their debuts today, and Vugee also joins an almost fully rotated squad. “Taffy” was not able to be registered in the first team due to the foreigner registration rules so adds some steel to the defence. Hopefully we have enough to get the job done against the bottom team.


What more can I say? Our second string team delivered a good win. Admittedly it was against the bottom team, but a win is still a win. Young “J.P” even got a goal on debut which was pleasing. We lost a couple of players to injury, but none of those injuries look to be long term.


Debut for “J.P.” Morgan.


The lad put in a good game, scoring a goal on debut. “Griff” also played well and will build on this fine form.

Champions Again


As I thought we were a win away from the title. It is a good situation to be in where I can focus on the Champions League with the Title in the bag.

Team News


The first duty of any manager is keeping the board happy. I have always found that winning things tends to help!

Results Summary


Yet another perfect month. We were lucky against the Wanderers, and have coasted along against the other teams.

League Table


A whopping 22 points clear with seven games to play. Looking at the league table, the demise of the Victory, the Wanderers and the Heart has left a real hole.

Next Episode


Champions League football coming to a blog near you! Just how good are we? Tune in and find out.

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