47: Newcastle Sign BadDragon

25 June 2019
Newcastle, Australia

Well that was quick! Out of work for only a week and I find myself managing the Newcastle Jets. In the end I decided I wasn’t ready to move into Europe and so as tempting as the BATE job was I have decided to go to Australia.


I will have to be honest that it wasn’t the first choice as a long time Wellington Phoenix fan and season ticket holder. Sadly the Phoenix job wasn’t available while the Jets job is. If I am honest I am also looking forward to showing the boys at Sydney FC what they missed out on by not waiting three weeks.

Sallery Caps and Marque Players


This will take some getting used to. It ideally should make for a level playing field, and the side which develops the best young players will best. This episode will see me coming to grips with the squad, the rules, and life in yet another foreign country.

The Club


The Squad

First pass over the squad reveals a number of really good young players, and a glaring hole at centre back. The club is not too flush with money and we may have to move on a couple of the high earners to get the money under control. I can’t see us being able to bring any Cosmos players over as they are all going to want more money than we can afford.

I am going to carry on with my under 23 focus and build the team of talented youngsters. Hopefully I can repeat the success I had at Cosmos.

Fireworks in the Press

Well it hasn’t been a dull time in the press this week as the new Sydney manager took some cheep shots.


Typical for a bloody Australian! I couldn’t let that go unanswered.


I didn’t hold back my feelings, although I should have added how many titles has Hughes won!


I will let the performances on the field do the talking! Meeting him will be fun this year!

New Staff Signed


It seemed fitting to bring in a South African scout. Hadebe also demonstrated a great judge of potential.


Fellow New Zealander Grant McIntyre joins us to offer his views of players across the ditch.


Finally Duncan Trimboli is picked up to offer some Australian flavour to the scouting reports.

Manager of the Season


A lovely parting gift from my time in South Africa. I am honoured to win the award for a second time.

New Signings


Nick Wells was released by the Central Coast Mariners and fills a key role in my squad as he can play in every position up front.


Sam Booth is a current New Zealand International and looks a solid number two centre-back for us.


The final piece of my centre-back trio, Koumantaros is a 6′ 6″ Greek colossus .

Player Sold


I took a £250K hit for current international Michael Thomas. However I am more than happy with the replacement signed and it gets £7250 weekly wage cost off the wage budget.

Contract Extension


This lad is a future star, having come through the youth set-up. He has the potential to be as good every bit as good as Leslie Tseka in a couple of years time.

Next Episode


In the next episode I shall bring you the conclusion of the pre-season along with the opening three games, including the first grudge match with Sydney F.C. an Mr Hughes!

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