25: Here We Go Again!

09 August 2017
Tembisa, South Africa

So we are back for another season, and looking to add to our trophy cabinet. I really want the African Champions League trophy, plus there were a couple of cups we failed to win last season.

Note: For those people who are curious about the rewind of time, it was caused by me accedentally overwriting the save file with a file off my laptop. The only way back was to rewind to a saved game which aligned with to the last blog post of last season. This WILL NOT happen again!

Blow by Blow


Winning the Manager of the Year award was nice. This is the second one I have collected in my short career.


CAF Champions League Qualification was my goal for 2019. To be here now is a real buzz, which makes me think that the Pentagon Challenge may also be on the radar.


Initial budgets give me an extra £834 per week on the wage budget. I have a couple of high earners who I may look to move on to free up some room.


At only 19, Braulio Lubasa has a bright future ahead. He comes into the team as my number three centre back and will form part of  a three player rotation at centre back.


In a spectacular piece of business I picked up Jimmy Luthuli on a free transfer. I can only guess that he was after more money than Ajax CT wanted to pay.


As you can see from the comparasions, he is a big step up from Muller. Not that Muller had a bad season last year either. Strictly an upgrade.


The board offered me some more money and a one year extension. I figured I was going to be here for a three year stint when I first signed, why not take a small pay rise!


Confirmation of a job well done.


Challenge for the title seemed a fair expectation, as I am looking to win the champions League and the other cup competition which eluded me last year.


Azhar Radzi has bee brought into the team as a player in the attacking midfield slot plus cover for all of the positions up front. Depending on the opponents he may be playing as Treqartista or Enganche which will be different to the normal Shadow Striker role in the AM(C) position.


And true to form we collect a 7 week injury a week out from the start of the season.


Muller is not going to be playing much for us this season so it made sense to have Ralebakeng take on the vice captain mantle.

Upcoming Fixtures


We start off with the quarter-final of what appears to be a top 8 cup. I never knew it existed, and it becomes the next trophy to win!

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