15: Sacked!!!!

14 April 2016
Las Piedras, Uruguay

A tempestuous two hours saw under-fire Manager sacked after only 111 days in charge. Rumors had been swirling around Estadio Municipal Parque Artigas that Mario Rotundo, the Club President, had been sharpening the knives due to Mr BadDragon’s inability to get the team to play football. Things took a turn for the worse for him early this morning, as BadDragon was summoned to an emergency board meeting.

From all accounts, Mr BadDragon made the football equivilent of the age old mistake of ogling another mans wife when he reportedly sent his C.V. to the Central Coast Mariners. The A-League Club had recently parted ways with their manager and BadDragon obviously saw greener pastures.

Timeline of Events

10:45 am – News broke on espectador.com of BadDragon’s in-digression.


12:00 pm – Juventud Board issue ultimatum.


12:15 pm – BadDragon attempts to backtrack.


12:20pm – BadDragon given marching orders.


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