13: New Year, New Start

14 February, 2016
Las Piedras, Uruguary

Welcome back. It’s been a while! starting out with a new team is always interesting, and this one is no exception. I would say the quality of players is slightly better, but the position second from the bottom is largely the same.

I have promised that we will attain a mid-table position, which I am confident will be attainable. This job will be slightly longer term than the last one with a two to three year time horizon. Ideally I want a promotion at bare minimum to add to my resume.

Settling In

First off the bat was keeping the current captain and vice captain. I can’t see any point in changing things that radically at the start, and I have to trust that the best man was appointed. Besides he will be trying to retain the captaincy so should put in the hard yards.

On an administrative matter, South Korea has been removed from the playable leagues and Belarus, Malaysia, and Russia added. The expected player count will be 87,000 – a goodly number!

Backroom Staff

Looking at the coaching setup, it is interesting that we have two fitness coaches and only one coach. I am thinking that will change at the end of the season. I am not one to go in and sack all of the coaches when taking over a club, preferring to let contracts expire and then sign better ones.


On the whole I am not unhappy given the level of the club – I have had worse.

Player Contracts

I have a number of players with expiring contracts, many of which do not want to renew. I am not going to fight them if they don’t want to stay. There are always more fish in the sea!

Current Squad

I am reasonably happy with the squad at the moment, apart from the left fullback position. I have only one player for this position who is average at best, so I am in the market for some new talent there. Right back is also sparce, and maybe I need a player who can cover both flanks as well.

Central Midfield could also do with some strengthening, although this is not so pressing a problem to fix. Of course there are questions as to whether the players I have can adapt to my style, time will tell.

New Signings


A solid addition on the flank. Not the fastest, but solid defensively and technically sound. Certainly better than my current left back, so an upgrade.


Given the shortage of central midfield players in my squad, Jose offers some depth in the position. Amazingly there is a lack of quality central midfielders in Uruguay in my price range.

Tactics Employed


Primary Tactic is the all support 4-1-2-2W-1, with the 4-1-2-2W-1 on the right as a change up. The middle tactic is under development, and may be employed as a change up. The central midfield player may get pushed up as an AM(C) depending on the opposition.

Friendly Results



The team was very inconsistent and seems to have issues defending against set pieces. I have an idea of my ideal first team, and will have 10 of 11 players available for the season opener.

Upcoming Fixtures


There are 13 games remaining in the season. Cerrito and Deportivo are 3rd and 1st respectively and promise to be tough games. El Tanque are 4th while Rampla Juniors are 7th. If I cantake five points from those four games and then seven from the other three I would be happy. Whatever happens I will be back with an update in april following the Cerro Largo match.

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