12: Atletico Juventud Adventure

25 December 2015
Las Piedras, Uruguay

Well hello again, welcome to Uruguay! As you can probably surmise I have decided to accept the offer from Club Atletico Juventud. It was a close run thing but in the end there were  main factors behind my decision.

  1. I have managed before in South Africa so it wouldn’t be new, wheras I have yet to explore South America.
  2. Club Atletico Juventud is financially stronger and is less likely to want me to sell players to pay for the cost of playing.
  3. The competetion format looks more interesting.
  4. Due to the season having a mid season break and joining the club during this break I actually get a preseason of sorts.

Club Background

This team has always been middle of the second division with a couple of promotions thrown in for finishing second.


It has a partially completed stadium, no season ticket holders and aspirations for something more. I am planning on providing just that. This will be a fun episode in the G.J. Challenge.

League Position


Second last again – seems to be a recurring theme with the team. The board wants us to attain a mid table position, although I am not sure whether that applies to this season or next.

Upcoming Fixtures


Four friendlies scheduled before we get into the action for real. At this stage I have no idea of the relative strength of my team and of the opposition, so much study needed. I plan on being back towards the end of February with an update on the team, how the friendlies went, and a plan on what to do next.

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