11: Mr BadDragon Resigns

24 December 2015
Wellington, New Zealand

It’s official. I have resigned my position at Goyang as I seek a new challenge. It’s a good time to be looking for work!

In keeping with the objectives of the game I have initially applied for open positions in Chile and Uruguay. Almost immediately Sud America come back and offer an interview, closely followed by Racing Club de Montevideo! My third interview was with Colo Colo, but I was not keen on set piece focus so don’t hold out much hope. Sud America come back and say no to my services, but all is not lost!

Santos FC of South Africa is my next destination. I sit down for a chat with Chairman Dominic White who wants a nice safe mid table finish. Sounds fair to me.  We shake hands and he says he will consider what I offer. After the hustle of Korea, South Africa will be a nice change of pace.

No sooner have I finished that interview then I find myself in talks with Uruguayan Club Athletico Juventud. President Mario Rotundo says he wants his side to challenge for a playoff bearth. No problems I say! 12,000 wage budget and no expectations seem good to me. We wrap up the interview and it’s back to waiting. The Korean Police job is available, but I’m not interested in that one.

Out of the blue Juventud de Las Piedras approach me with an offer! No interview needed it seems. The club is not in the best position and I am not sure about this so I attempt to stall. Santos F.C. comes in with an offer as well which sounds tempting. Christmas in Capetown sounds nice this time of year. However I have never managed in South America.

What ever shall I do? Find out soon!

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