9: On the home stretch

11 October 2015
Goyang, Korea

We are still alive in the promotion race with three games to play. Ahead by three points but with an inferior goal difference it couldn’t be closer. Despite the protestations I am enjoying the closeness of the race.

This does lead me to my next question. What to do next season? I must be honest and say I have found this year to be very tedious with only ten teams. I think if we don’t secure promotion I will be resigning and looking elsewhere. If we do, then I have a decision to make.

Match Results


Three narrow wins, three narrow losses and two draws. Fairly even and luckily Daejeon have been struggling as well. The losses to Daejeon and Daegu were annoying as winning either would have given us some breathing space.

League Table


Our goal difference is bad so the only way in is to finish above the dreaded Daejeon! The good news is that the play-off position is looking a good bet.

The Run In


It’s hard to say who has the toughest run in to the finish line. The final three games look very tough with Daejeon, Police and then Suwon who have been our nemesis team this season. All we have to do is keep winning and it is ours!

Youth Intake

This seasons youth intake brought us four players worth mentioning.

Ko Joo-Hoi

Ko Joo-Hoi

The pick of the litter. Could develop well should I stick around.

Youk Sang-Hun

Youk Sang-Hun

Pacey with great hair!

Kang Jong-Duk

Kang Jong-Duk

Reasonably quick and skilful.

Seo Dong-Wook

Seo Dong-Wook

Only an average player. Will look to train him as a DM for us.

Result Summary


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