The Journey

Why document a Computer Game?

This is a complex question. I guess the easiest way to answer this is that I am recording the events which take place in detail so that I can go back and relive the key moments. On many occasions I have gotten 15-20 years into a save only to wish I could have gone back in time to review what happened. I have kept annual end of season saves, but that requires me to able to load the save into FM and dig.

The act of blogging takes time away from the game itself, however the rewards are worth this investment. I can see this save lasting around 18 months, and going for 40+ seasons. In this time I can see myself having 15-20 jobs so that is 15-20 teams each with say 40-50 key players for a whopping total of between 600 and 1000 players in the world I will be interacting with!

Evolving the Story Telling

I like to think of my style as a Football Manager Comic Book. Each episode short and to the point, telling tales about things that happen in pictures, with just enough words to string the pictures together.

As I have gone through this process I have changes what I am reporting, and how I am doing that. I have settled on a diary approach, where I lay down the complete timeline of events as they happen. Only the key events get recorded, things like:

  • New Signings
  • Player Sales
  • First Team Injuries
  • First Team Suspensions
  • Records Set
  • Career Milestones
  • Player Retirements
  • Job Offers (only the ones which I am keen on taking).
  • Match Pack

Each screenshot will have a line or two of detail, however it is my intention that this will be a pictorial view of the passage of time. Think of this as a Football Manager Comic Book!

There will also be a match news wire under my own private hashtag that will display the games played as I play them. As I play matches ahead of time, and schedule blog posts a few days in advance, these evens may get out of sync from time to time.

On The Players

I have shied away from showing players statistics. Instead I show only their faces, their history, and what my coaches think about him. That way it becomes more about the player as a character, and less about the players as a series of numbers. When I play the game, I display the players attributes as a graph as that allows for a little fog of war. True I have colour coded the values, but that is the only visual key I have on the relative values.

The Path Taken



This map shows all of the stops on the journey to date. It will be updated whenever I change jobs.

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