216: BadDragon Retires

01 June 2030
Liverpool, England

Mr BadDragon has announced today that he is retiring from football management. The news came as a complete surprise as there was no indication that he was considering this course of events.

Mr BadDragon had recently retired as manager of Liverpool and it was widely expected that he would take up a new position in Italy. This however did not materialize and he has since decided to retire.

~Perky Nana, FM Sky Sports England

Career Profile


Behind the Curtain

After numerous attempts to get started with a new career, I have decided to bring this journey to an end. Back in 2021 I experienced instability issues in the save file and almost had to abandon things then. I got past them and managed to get a further nine seasons out of the game.

Sadly the issues have cropped up again and I have been unable to get past the end of June 2030 without crash dumps . I think that the game is telling me that the time has come to put this story to bed and move onto new things. I have over a month worth of recorded episodes in the bank, so by the time that you are reading this there will be something else going on.

I just want to thank all those people who popped in to read about the journey, and if you have found out about this after the fact, I trust that you enjoyed what you have seen. Feel free to leave any comments on this, the final episode in the journey!

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  • jumpman

    I know it must have taken a lot of work and serious computer skills to get even one post done, so thanks again for the many reads.
    I did like the TV characters and the funny nicknames like “Benny Jets”

    • Thanks – “Benny Jets” was my favourite. I was gutted when he chose united over me. His name was Ngobeni and he was quick – hence the “Benny Jets” reference. Thanks for the kind words 🙂