147: Four draw Liverpool struggle

14 September 2026
Liverpool, England

Liverpool start the season undefeated however this fact will not please either the management nor fans. The team has at times looked bereft of ideas and while undefeated is also win less with four draws in the first four matches.

It is becoming apparent that Mr BadDragon is struggling to get his side performing and while injuries have been a small factor this is not the sole reason for the very average showing. BadDragon only just managed to escape the sack last season and it will be interesting to see how he can change the fortunes of the team in the next couple of months.

~John Chen, Saudi FM News Network

Well this is not how I envisioned the season starting out. I am not one to make excuses but the loss of “Tan” has really hurt the sides continuity. He was the glue that held the attack together and to lose him until at least mid season will hurt. On top of that we have lost “J-Lal” and “Trickles” and suddenly the cupboard looks a little bare.

Blow by Blow

Premier League – Match 1/38


We open the season against Watford who put in a good shift last season and are one match away from the Europa League.


I am taking advantage of the gaps between fixtures to bed down the side. I want to get our first team players some good game-time.


We went behind three times yet showed some coolness get level each time. We still have some work to do however.


Injury Update


“Ferran” has picked up a knock and will be out for the next few games.

Premier League – Match 2/38


After the disappointment of the previous match it is important that we come out with a good performance against Palace.


Tree changes – one forced and two voluntary. “Andy” replaces the injured “Ferran” while “Naert” replaces the struggling “Loz”, and “Vo-Bo” comes in for “Den”


Another defensive error exposed us on the counter. We were good apart from in front of goal which is a real concern.


New Signing


This youngster was unhappy with where he was playing and so I decided to snap him up.  He may solve some of my problems up front.

Champions League Draw


This is a group where every team has won the champions league, with Madrid and Milan having 10 wins a piece. 27 titles among us all.

Premier League – Match 3/38


Next up is newly promoted Southampton who are back for their third stint in the Premier League.


“Hero” comes into the side to make his debut. He can’t do any worse than the others have been doing. “Den” replaces “Vo-Bo” in midfield.


We were behind after 19 seconds and it took until stoppage time to get the equalizer. We have to improve if we want to compete for the title this season.


Transfer Out


“Tiago” has been unhappy at the club and wasn’t prepared to wait for his chance. In the end he demanded to leave and I was forced to let him go.

Injury Update


We suffer yet another annoying injury to a key player. Trickles has been a key player and will leave a hole.


The we lose “J-Lal” for 2 months and “Hardy” for 2 weeks.


Luckily we have reasonable depth in the midfield… but sheesh!

Premier League – Match 4/38


We really need a win. Four draws would be a disaster of a start for us.


We have a very makeshift team this match due to injuries. I am trying “Hero” in the AM(C) slot to see whether he can make an impact.


Another disappointing result. At this rate we will struggle to finish fourth in the Champions League group.


Results Summary


A disappointing series of results. The only plus is we haven’t lost.

League Table


We sit in 13th place again. Deja vue all over again!

Next Episode


We have Milan in our first Champions League match and Swansea in the Capital One cup.

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