144: Champions League for Liverpool?

19 April 2026
Liverpool, England

With three weeks to go it is tight at the top of the table. Chelsea appear to have the title in their grasp but a string of poor results have seen them fail to get across the finish line. The battle for European places is tight down the line with United looking solidly second and Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City battling for the remaining two Champions League spots.

The Liverpool side appear to have squandered the chance for a third placed finish following a weak performance against Arsenal. They look destined to have to start their season with European qualifiers.

~Carlos Alberto Bravo, Claro FM Sports Uruguay

We lost our way a little against Arsenal and had one of those games. Still we are looking good to at least match the agreed expectations and I will be disappointed if we slip any lower than fourth.

Blow by Blow

Youth Intake

I had a surprisingly cosmopolitan youth intake with no fewer than three New Zealand arrivals. Sadly only one could actually play.


“Stan” is a young Romanian striker and may be the pick of the litter. He is rather raw and needs a lot of work.


“Skab” is of Latvian/English parentage and is a reasonable central midfield player.


“Barbie” is a 6’5″ 15 year old New Zealand defender. Very raw but has potential.


“Moot” is a 5′ 3″ central midfield player from Liverpool.

Transfer News


Australian born “Giro” is also eligible for Italian honours. While only a 3.5 star potential player,  for 120K I can go too far wrong.


“A.J.” also comes in for 120K. He is a hard tackling DM who is very raw.


“Brookie” is a slightly older defensive midfielder/central defender who may develop. I am certain we can move him on for a profit in the worse case scenario.

Team News


“Naert” gets rewarded for his fine form this year.

Injury Update


Slightly annoying as it may well keep “Loz” out for the Manchester City game.

Premier League – Match 31/38


This game is one of the more important games remaining. A win here goes a long way towards guaranteeing Champions League football next season.


As predicted, “Loz” has not recovered from the knock and so “Ostariz” and “Naert” will be the striking partnership. “Ferran” is back from  suspension and takes his place on the right.


Well we got the result that we wanted. A fine hat-trick for “Ostariz” saw us through to a good win.


Injury Update


“Ferran” is out for two weeks. It looks like he is allergic to Arsenal having missed the F.A. Cup tie against them.

Premier League – Match 32/38


This is the game that could determine third place at the end of the season. Should we win this then we would be odds n to finish third.


I am setting up to not lose this game and see if we can’t pinch a goal on the break. Coming out of the traps last time didn’t work.


Three errors leading to goals from three key players was the difference today. Of the three, The one by “Sim” was the worst just after we had levelled things up.



Premier League – Match 33/38


We are off to The Hawthorns to face “The Baggies” in a match which we need to win. The defeat against Arsenal has opened a wee crack in our position and we need to close that to restore order.


“Loz” has been struggling for goals and will give way to “Naert” while “Andy” gets a game at right back.


We just can not finish. We had nine clear cut chances and only put 2 away. They had three half chances and scored twice.


What has also become clear is that we don’t have a good backup right back and we may need to go shopping in the summer.

Premier League – Match 34/38


The pundits are picking an easy win for us. I really hope this is the case as we need three points here.


“Loz” comes back up front as “Naert” drops to the bench. “J-Lal” and “Ferran” return.


We did everything we needed to do in this game. Admittedly it took quite a while to get the comfortable lead, but once there it was plain sailing.


Key Result


This was a surprising and yet key result. This puts Manchester City four points behind us meaning that a loss against Chelsea in our next match will still allow us to retain the fourth Champions League position.

Results Summary


Two wins, a draw and a loss is enough to keep us in the hunt. The dropped points against West Brom. hurt.

League Table


Sitting in fourth with a four point gap to fifth spot. Not quite close enough to Arsenal to make up the difference as they have to slip up twice. That being said, they do have Chelsea and Manchester United to play, however we have Chelsea as well.

Next Episode


The Chelsea game is huge as a draw could be enough if Arsenal slip up. Join us next time to see how we get on.

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