142: Liverpool hold onto third

13 February 2026
Liverpool, England

Liverpool continue to punch above their weight and are clinging onto third place in the premier league. The Reds have been surprisingly resilient and seem to have thrown the poor run of games which saw them drop to 14th place after 10 matches.

My sources indicate that Mr BadDragon was one loss away from the sack, and only a surprise victory against league leaders Chelsea kept him in his job.

~Grey Mando, FOX FM Sports Africa

We have done ok again this month. We have the points on the board and with 11 games to play I am quietly confident that we can meet our boards targets.

Blow by Blow

Injury Update


Promising Youngster “Ingvar” picked up a knock in a friendly and is out for three weeks.

Premier League – Match 24/38


Last time out these guys walloped us 4-0 and started the slide down the table. It is important that this does not happen again!


I keep the same line-up from the last match against Spurs. I know that they represent a much tougher challenge,  however we are at home and I have to back the team.


We went behind after a defensive lapse from a corner but hit back from the kick-off. “Tan” banged in his second and we held on to win.


Staff Signings

It seemed prudent to add a few more staff seeing as I have the openings.


Comes in as a technical skills coach.


Under 18’s technical skills coach


Added another fitness coach to share the load through the club.


Has been allocated the defensive coach role.


The final two transfers were in the Under 21’s department with a new Manager/Assistant Manager duo


Injury Update


“Den” has a cold and so is out for a week.

Premier League – Match 25/38


We need to build on the energy from the United game and come out with a win.


We have sent out a bit of a rotated side in an effort to freshen some players up.


We were awful in front of goal and should have been 3-0 up at half time. In the end our inability to finish saw us throw away three vital points.


Premier League – Match 26/38


Next up we have Newcastle United where it is important that we bounce back with a win.


We come into this game with a highly rotated midfield and strikers. I am confident that we have the ability to get the result we need.


Very frustrating performance by the side. Once again we were the better team but our finishing was sub par. I need to look at the side and figure out what we can do to change things up.


Premier League – Match 27/38


We need to win this match. If we get a win then we will have grabbed seven out of the twelve available.


I decided to ask my assistant for his best 11. I couldn’t fault his idea and so I ran with it.


Well this was a very pleasing performance. We started well and as usual missed many chances. Luckily we found the net and it was plain sailing.


Results Summary


If we flipped the United and Villa results I would be happy. Should I still be happy?

League Table


We are still in third place, however in reality we are probably in 5th place once the games in hand are considered.

Next Episode


Fulham in the F.A.Cup followed by Reading who we need to beat to maintain our position in the top 5.

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