141: Liverpool hover near top

29 January 2026
Liverpool, England

Liverpool continue to plug away in search of a European competition for next season. While Chelsea are charging off into the distance, the Reds are sitting in fifth place as part of a chasing pack.

Mr BadDragon has started to impose his philosophy on the side and after a horror start his side is looking set to secure one of the seven European places up for grabs.

~Simply Red, FM Sport Digital

While I admire her optimism, I can’t allow myself to begin to believe the job is done. It would only take a couple of poor results and we could be out of the leading pack and be looking up as they power away.

Blow by Blow

Premier League – Match 21/38


Next up is a trip to the City Ground to face struggling Nottingham Forest. Despite their lowly position we will not take them lightly.


One change to the line-up sees “Goose” making way for “Kurl” in the attacking midfield slot due to being fatigued slightly.


We dominated the game but failed to take our chances. They scored with their first shot which gave them a lift and from their we couldn’t dominate like we were.


Premier League – Match 22/38


First thing we have to do is reverse the direction and prevent this becoming another slide. A win here is critical.


The team has been more effective with “Goose” at AM(C) so he is restored to play in that role.


We put in a good shift and looked threatening right from the off. I was concerned that we were going to have a repeat of the Forest game but the first goal settled the nerves.


Injury Update


Den has picked up a wee knock which will keep him out for the next match. Not  a big deal as he was not likley to be playing anyhow.


Another piece of good news is that “Naert” is back in training following the bad injury he suffered.

F.A. Cup – Fourth Round


I don’t put stock in the fact that this will be easy. It’s the F.A.Cup and there are no easy matches when you get to this point.


“Tan” comes in in place of “Goose” who drops back to cover for the injured “Den”. “Wes” comes in in place of “Loz” to see if he can find his scoring mojo.


We got the result we needed and in the process noted that “Wes” is not cut out to play for us. When “Naert” resumes full training I can’t see a place for him in the squad, and so I think I will move him on.


F.A. Cup Fifth Round Draw


There are still a number of championship teams remaining, along with most of the big names in the Premier League.

Premier League – Match 23/38


We take a trip to New White Hart Lane to take on Spurs. Spurs were predicted to be a top six side this season and instead find themselves in 13th.


“Goose” and “Tan” are preferred to “Kurl” and “Den”.


We absolutely battered them, yet couldn’t find a goal. I’m beginning to realise how good “Mookee” and “Benny Jets” really were!


Results Summary


Well one of each in the league for four points out of nine. Still alive in the Cup.

League Table


Chelsea look unassailable which means we are competing as part of the chasing pack. The pack may or may not include Manchester City depending on the result of their game in hand.

Next Episode


We have a big match next up against United, followed by three matches we really need to win.

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